Born: 2004-01-12

Hips: B

Elbows: 0

Eye: Clear

e. Grain Of Gold's Lord Goldgleam

u. Oxundas Sagacious Sydnie

Grain Of Gold's Lord Goldgleam Dainty's Blues In The Night GBSHCHNortonwood Silvanus
Dainty's Rule Brittania
Grain Of Gold's Royal Beverley Royal Ringmaster Of Woodhill
Oxundas Unbelivable Ursula
Oxundas Sagacious Sydnie Hedetorpets Amigo Oliver
Hedetorpets Sara

Oxundas Sensible Saskia

Gildas Do You See The Light
Oxundas Brilliant Beatrice

"Wendy"s results:

Wendy has been placed a number of times in puppyclass
on Champion Show with Price of honour.
Several Championquality and have been places in Best Bitch-class on Championshow.

Pictures of "Wendy":