Born: 2009-06-01

Hips: A

Elbows: UA

Eye: UA, GR_PRA1 normal/clear, , GR_PRA2 normal/clear

e. Le'Pet's Mystere Challenger

u. Oxundas Glimmering Gwendolyn

Le'Pet's Mystere Challenger Goldenglow Crazy-Foryou Göros Golden Justus
Honeytaste Lily Of The Valley
Röda Nejlikans Mystére Rochas Trisoblues Maybe A High Class
Oxundas Glimmering Gwendolyn Grain Of Gold's Lord Goldgleam Dainty's Blues In The Night
Grain Of Gold's Royal Beverley
Oxundas Sagacious Sydnie Hedetorpets Amigo
Oxundas Sensible Saskia

"Grain Of Gold's Hot Atacama"s results:

2014-05-30 Hasslarp Judge: Arne Foss, Norge


2014-05-29 Hasslarp Judge: Karl-Erik Johansson


2014-04-21 Open Show i Ekeby Judge: Roul Persson

2 HP Junior 1, Best bitch 2

2014-04-18 Påskutställning i Bollerup Judge: Siegvard Ledel


2012-03-18 Malmömässan Judge: Gunnar Norlin

Excellent, 3:a with Championquality open class

2011-05-22 Hässleholm Judge: Martin Johansson

Excellent ukl, 1 ukk Championquality, 4 Best bitch

2011-03-19 Malmö International Judge: Jan Herngren

Excellent Ukl, 2 Ukk Championquality

2010-01-31 Open Show Burlöv  

Best bitch 4

2009-11-08 Swedish Kennelclubs yearly puppyshow  

BOB and BIG2


Pictures of "Grain Of Gold's Hot Atacama":