Coffee at Grain of Gold's.
Friends and puppy buyers Annika Persson and Marie Wihlborg
including doggies was visiting me, Linn and the dogs.
A really nice afternoon! See you again soon.

Some pictures from Christmas dinner on Saturday, 11/12-2010, the Svaneholms Castle,
along with son and family, mother, brother and his girlfriend

10 dogs do not need so much space really,
it's nice to be close friends ......

 Visit from Lisbeth Borglin together with Rosa, Kennel Strawberry lines.

Ruth and Colin, my wonderful friends at Kennel Amilone visited me in June.

Ruth, Amilone kennel, with her breeding and my
wonderful Amilone Love Grain Of Gold "Meme"

World Show in Herning, Danmark 2010



Linn is working as a handler again and still think it is fun.



"Mandy" taking a afternoon nap. Why lie on the ground??



My brother Lasse and his Carinas dog, have taked his first CC in Juniorclass.
Congratulations to you all from sister!!


Suediccas Capitano "Rossi"



Grain of Gold's Hot Victoria
(Le' Pet's Mystere Challenger och Oxundas Glimmering Gwendolyn)
Moves to Helsinki.



My grandchild Linn made her debut as handler on Borzoiringens unofficial show 2009-04-10.
In the ring it where 15 small handlers and Linn came third with Wendy who is her best friend.
Great joy, great rosette and some eastercandy crowned the day.



Visit from my friend Ingrid and Mrs Sue Almey, Kennel Arbutus



New year 2005