Born: 2009-05-29

Hips: A

Elbows: UA

Eye: UA, GR_PRA1 normal/clear

e. Kempners Love Song

u. Oxundas Glimmering Galicia

Kempner's Love Song Endicott The Lord Of The Rings Kulawand Nordic Magic
Endicott Lill-Märta
Kempner's Magnificent Michelle SU(U)CH
Now Or Never De La Lande d'Argos
Lemon Gold's Jaquie
Oxundas Glimmering Galicia Grain Of Gold's Lord Goldgleam Dainty's Blues In The Night
Grain Of Gold's Royal Beverley
Oxundas Sagacious Sydnie Hedetorpets Amigo
Oxundas Sensible Saskia

"Grain Of Gold's I Am Naughty"s results:

2009-10-24 LRK:s show

2 with Price of honour in puppyclass


Pictures of "Grain Of Gold's I Am Naughty":