A little presentation of my breeding over the years.


My interest in golden started in 1980 and 1981, I bought my first Golden,
Oxundas Kindly Kevin, from Ewa Larsson, Kennel Oxunda.

That also started my interest to start to breed my self.


At first I just wanted på have a dog as pet, but was pushed by Ewa Larsson
to exhibit and what happened? Well, we came fourth and got a nice bow.

I and my son Fredrik (then eight years) became excited of pride
and the idea of buying more dogs showed up. It took a while, however,
until my bitch and her sister came in the house.


My first litter is born 1986. The mother of that litter was...

Oxundas Unbelievable Ursula,
e Alister of Woodhill,
u Twinkle Moonshine Concert.


Ursula got four litters, and I kept a bitch from all four.
There name where:

Grain of Gold's Primogenit Afrodite
Mother to Dancing Nellie (see below)

Grain of Gold's Royal Beverley
Beverley placed as BIS-2 puppy
at the age of 6 month and 1 open class on show.

Grain of Gold's Cheerful Charlene
Charlene got Champion Quality on Champion Shows.
Mother to Gorgeous Georgina (see below)

Grain of Gold's Trinitarian Feodora
had a litter after Wheelers Meatloaf,
where Marie Olausson bought the bitch Princess Penny.
Marie have Kennel Foxstar.

In 1990 I moved from Stockholm to Skåne.
I have had five litters in Stockholm,
but now I am fully invested in my interest..
Grain of Gold's Royal Beverley is the bitch that have had most puppies.
One of her puppies was the son

Grain Of Gold's Lord Goldgleam (1993-2004
e. Dainty's Blues In The Night).

Grain Of Gold's Lord Goldgleam as Junior

Grain Of Gold's Lord Goldgleam as Veteran


Grain Of Gold's Lord Goldgleam was bought by
Suzanne Jönsson, Snökristallens Kennel.
I got him back as eight years old.
He was at show as a veteran and got Champion Quality
and became 2 Best male on the first show.
He also got another Champion Quality.
Ewa Larsson, Kennel Oxunda borrowed him to her bitch, Oxundas Sagacious Sydnie.
The result was seven puppies, where I bought two bitches:
Oxundas Glimmering Galicia and Oxundas Glimmering Gwendolyn.
The girls are thereby great grandchildren of my first breedingbitch
through her daugther Grain of Gold's Royal Beverley.
In Galicia and Gwendolyns litter six of the seven puppies is x-rayed and all are free.
Both bitches has Champion Quality at shows in juniorclass.
Galicia was 2 Best bitch at Malmö Int 2005.
Grain of Gold's Cheerful Charlene
got a litter with Jobeka Jaguar in 1991.

In that litter I kept
Grain of Gold's Gorgeous Georgina
Georgina got CC and several Champion Quality on Champion Shows.

Eivor Nilsson, Kennel Goldfashion, bought
Grain of Gold's Dancing Nellie
e. Dainty's Blues in the Night,
u. Grain of Gold's Afrodite.
Nellie is SuCH.
Grain of Gold's Autumn Quintus
e. Trebell Argus,
u Grain of Gold's Gorgeous Georgina.
Quintus is also SuCH.
Grain of Gold's Starlight
e. Oxundas Welcome Back Winston,
u. Grain of Gold's Royal Beverley.